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About RSX Studios

About RSX Studios

Weddings, Portraits, Events, Commercial, and Freelance. Thank you for choosing me to photograph your special moment in time and create the images that you'll enjoy for years!
We use only professional lab services and equipment.  From canvas to metallic prints, and graphic design for your press book albums, these products are of highest quality.


I have had to make some hard decisions in the past couple of weeks and wanted to do something to make myself feel good, so I set up a photo shoot. Ladies, if you have never had a professional photo shoot, you should schedule one today. Seei
ng yourself through someone else's eyes does amazing things for your self confidence and for your soul. Anyway, I could not have asked for a better day despite the wind. Rudy Ximenez did a fantastic job for me and I can't wait to work with him again.

Anna Cummins mentioned you in a comment.
Anna wrote: "Rudy, you sir, ROCK! ha! I love it! Thank you!"

William Lloyd Rudy Is the best Photographer around!

The Showmen Bluegrass would like to extend their warmest appreciation to Rudy from 
Rudy Ximenez Photography for his help & support with our photography
needs. In addition to "Exceptional Quality", Rudy has afforded us his time 
& knowledge to help make our site better. You can see the results. 
Rudy, thank you for all you do! 

Bernadette says, "Hey Rudy! Thank you so much for the awesome shoot, I love my Senior pictures. I appreciate you taking the time and i'm sorry you had to hobble around the whole time. Hope your knee feels better and thank you once again, I love my pictures!"

Patricia Lyle says,"Rudy, you are THE BEST photographer! I really like the way you go in for the good shots, and try different approaches to get what you want. And you're fun to work with, too!"


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